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As I’ve probably said before, and will definitely say again, there are all kinds of journeys. One of the bravest, riskiest, and most fraught with peril is the trek of the small business owner. Many Americans, at one point or another, decide to strike out on the road to being small business owners, and most fail, because it’s basically one of the temples full of random traps like you’d find in an Indiana Jones movie.

As a small business owner, myself, one thing I intend to use Vagabond.Guide for is highlighting the small business community here in Arizona, and I thought I’d start with one from one of my close friends, former housemates, and all around awesome person, Aubree Overfield!

Full Disclosure: I’m not being paid to write this, I just want to.

There’s a new Craft market in Phoenix

If you live in the northwest Phoenix Valley, there’s a new market in your neighborhood. Up where the city meets the desert, under the shaded parking area of Horseshoe Trails Elementary, you’ll find the vendors of Tatum Trails Marketplace out in force from ten in the morning to three in the afternoon, the first Saturday of every month. Their third event is happening soon, on December third. That’s the third on the third which apocrypha assures me is, in fact, the charm. So don’t miss it.


Aubree Overfield and Megan Janas

Tatum Trails Marketplace was created by local Phoenician jewelry-makers Aubree Overfield of City Under the Sea Jewelry and Megan Janas of Lilou Designs. Megan and Aubree struck up a friendship after meeting at the RAW show in 2015, and eventually decided to organize their own show together.

Together, they organize, manage, and advertise for Tatum Trails Marketplace—while still running their own booths! Even though Tatum Trails Marketplace is a brand new event, Aubree and Megan are far from alone out there, and are surrounded by over twenty other vendors selling everything from delicious food to antiques.

Meet the Vendors

We don’t have time to talk about everyone here, but I when I stopped by the show in November, several vendors took time out of selling their products to talk to me about their businesses and the show. Which was pretty cool of them. Thanks guys!

First stop for me, for obvious reasons, was Rich Ringer of Boardwalk Promotions, who runs Two Brothers Coffee with his two young sons, to help them learn about owning and running businesses. They served up a generous sample that got me up, moving, and ready for the rest of the show. Rich said he expected the show to pick up steam quickly as word got around in the neighborhood, and then plied me with more coffee. Rich is a good guy.

Also on site was the Whole Food Fairy, who used me as a (lucky) guinea pig for some new gluten-free recipes they were trying out. My mom and sister have severe gluten allergies, so anything that combines gluten-free with delicious gets my attention, fast. I also stopped by the Jammin Gourmet, a family featuring professional jam makers and semi-pro punners, who let me try a few different jams. The best, in my opinion, was a surprise: Cranberry Persimmon. It tastes like the holidays.

I’m coming dangerously close to food/coffee tunnel vision here, I know, but please understand that is the tunnel I live in.

Still, I don’t want to let people get the idea that amazingly awesome food and coffee are the only reason they should swing by Tatum Trails Marketplace. In fact, there’s tons of cool stuff to choose from. There are a whole host of vendors selling cosmetics, soaps, jewelry, reshaped glass products, antiques, pop-culture memorabilia, hand-painted horseshoes, woodcarvings, and more!

Now, I’m a collector of stories, so I had nearly as much fun learning how everyone got into their craft and made the big leap into building their own businesses as I did browsing. One of my favorites (don’t tell her, though) was Anna Russell of McCrea Designs, wrap-braceleteer extraordinaire, who, after sickday, and a trip to the hospital, asked her mom to take her to her “favorite bead store” like any normal, well-adjusted, teenager would—and now attends ASU by week and sells wrap bracelets by weekend. There’s probably more to the story, but at that point I realized the cooler I was sitting on had food in it and my notes get a little sketchy and covered in pomegranate seed stains. Asked about the Tatum Trails Marketplace, Anna asked to be quoted word-for-word, so, as promised: “I like it here.”

Aubree on the other hand, wanted to be sure I used to some page space to let everyone know how much fun she’s having, and to let the vendors know that, “They’ve been great! The best!”

That’s a Wrap . . . and Speaking of Wrapping . . .

This month, you can get an early start on your Christmas shopping by stopping by Tatum Trails Marketplace at Horseshoe Trails Elementary on December 3rd. Next month, you can get an even earlier start on your Christmas shopping by stopping by on January 7th.

So get outside, help some Phoenix businesses and crafters by shopping local, find a unique gift for even the persnicketiest person on your list, and meet some great people on what’s sure to be a gorgeous December day in Phoenix at Tatum Trail Marketplace!

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