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I’m Connor Rickett. I’m a writer by trade, scientist by education, and wanderer by some fluke of genetics. It’s a big world, full of things to see and things to do, and, well, I want to see and do as many as I can. The past couple years of getting my writing career off the ground have left me without much money for travelling, and it’s been driving me slowly insane.

Connor Rickett


For now, I’m stuck in the Valley of the Sun, but, as it turns out, Arizona is beautiful, if a bit drier than I’d like. I know everyone’s got this mental picture, when they hear someone say, “Arizona,” of a vast dry lakebed, maybe ┬ásome saguaros, a tumbleweed or two, and probably a cattle skulls. And there are some desolate places here, sure, but there are mountains, canyons, trees, sandstorms and snows, vast volcanic fields, in more variety than you might easily imagine. Granted, it’s all the sort of beauty that can kill you quick, this is a dangerous place (think of us as America’s Australia) but if you’re careful, you’ll find beauty and wild places hard to equal–and I’ve been missing them.

Now that I’m making a little more money again, the time has come to reach out. I’m going on an adventure . . . and you’re welcome to come along for the ride.

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