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San Francisco Peaks

How tall were the San Francisco Peaks?

How tall were the San Francisco Peaks? The six tallest peaks in Arizona, the San Francisco Peaks, were, half a million years or so ago, the slopes of…

Chasing Goals: A Haboob Victory!

In Search of an Illusive View Some goals take on a life of their own. You fail a few times and, instead of giving up, you just get…

title card sunset from the Carefree Highway

Making an Adventure (Step One)

What Makes an Adventure? Adventures are a lot like stories; the good ones tend to be a bit miserable if you’re the one stuck in the middle of…

spider rock overlook canyon de chelle navajo reservation arizona

Where the Journey Starts (Canyon de Chelly)

Journeys start somewhere. Where is actually a bit of a fuzzy area. Does your personal journey start at your conception? Your birth? Your first step? Does a trip…

On the Subject of Moving Very Large Stones

On the Subject of Moving Large Stones We Do Not Come From Nothing If, from the expanse of history, I could pick the one thing we all know,…

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