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South Mountain Hike: Corona de Loma Trail

South Mountain Park South Mountain Park in Phoenix is the largest municipal park in the entire United States. In spite of this, it boasts only 51 miles of…

PHX: Tatum Trails Marketplace

If you live in the northwest Phoenix Valley, there’s a new market in your neighborhood. Up where the city meets the desert, under the shaded parking area of Horseshoe Trails Elementary, you’ll find the vendors of Tatum Trails Marketplace out in force from ten in the morning to three in the afternoon, the first Saturday of every month.

Arizona, etched in earth, storms, and fire.

Arizona This is a wild place. It’s not something that can be described or explained, really, to people who don’t understand. Wild isn’t a cerebral concept. It’s something you feel…

Chasing Goals: A Haboob Victory!

In Search of an Illusive View Some goals take on a life of their own. You fail a few times and, instead of giving up, you just get…

Title card for the love of travel

For the Love of Travel.

Unexpected Beauty My favorite part of travel is the unexpected beauty. The expected beauties are great, mind you. There’s nothing like the feeling of standing at the base…

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